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Official 5 Benzo fury

Posted on 28th Sep 2010 @ 12:31 PM

There are only 5 “official UK distributors” of the product benzofury.

BuckledBonzi are one of a select few websites that have been given authorized distribution rights to sell Benzo Fury in the UK and Europe.

Currently there are various websites all advertising Benzo Fury for sale. We can 100% assure all our customers that no other sites apart from the 5 official distributors have access to the manufacturer who is producing 6-apb regardless of what other websites tell you.

For the safety of your research we strongly advise potential customers to not believe what they are telling you. The chemical compounds being sold by these websites could be a mixture of anything and could be damaging to your independent research studies. Genuine Benzo fury is only available via the official distribution network.

 Benzo Fury is a copyrighted term and all artwork associated to the official distribution channel has been protected by in an attempt to eradicate the fake and counterfeit benzo fury sellers.

IF you see a site with the benzo fury artwork that is not one of the official 5, please let us know, and we take action against them as they are breaking copyright law.

How to spot a suspect vendor or product?

Anyone selling Benzo fury in powder or capsule form is very suspect - 6-APB is only available in pellet format for the forseable future. If a vendor is selling it in powder they are most likely trying to sell off old NRG or junk products that cant be sold elsewhere.

If in doubt please contact one of the below “official distributors” who can veryify whether or not the supplier is genuine!